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F I R S T   L A D I E S   C O L L E C T I O N   A N T H O L O G I E S

Or, look at our short list of recommended titles.

Anthony, Carl. First Ladies: the Saga of the Presidents’ Wives and Their Power. 1990. (E/176.2/A58)
Barzman, Sol. The First Ladies. 1970. (E/176.2/B3)
Boller, Paul. Presidential Wives. 1988. (E/176.2/B65)
Caroli, Betty. First Ladies. 2003. (E/176.2/C37)
Feinberg, Barbara. America’s First Ladies: Changing Expectations. 1998. (E/176.2/F45)
Holloway, Laura. The Ladies of the White House. 1976, 1882. (E/176.2/L36)
Kramer, Sydelle. The Look-it-Up Book of First Ladies. 2001. (E176.2/K73)
Mayo, Edith P. The Smithsonian Book of the First Ladies. 1996. (E/176.2/S66)
McConnell, Jane. Our First Ladies: from Martha Washington to Pat Ryan Nixon. 1969. (E/176.2/M3)
Means, Marianne. The Woman in the White House. 1963. (E/176.2/M4)
Nagel, Paul. The Adams Women: Abigail and Louisa Adams, Their Sisters and Daughters. 1987. (E/322.1/A38/N34)
Rosebush, James. First Lady, Public Wife. 1987. (E/176.2/R67)
Smith, Elizabeth. Five First Ladies. 1986. (E/176.2/S64)
Thane, Elswyth. Mount Vernon Family. 1968. (E/312.19/T45)
Waldrup, Carole Chandler. Presidents’ Wives: the Lives of 44 American Women of Strength. 1989. (E/176.2/W35)
Watson, Robert P. First Ladies of the United States: a Biographical Dictionary. 2001. (E/176.2/W369)
West, J.B. Upstairs at the White House: My Life with the First Ladies. 1973. (E/176.2/W7)
Whitton, Mary. First First Ladies, 1789-1865: a Study of the Wives of the Early Presidents. 1969. (E/176.2/W5)