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Conversations in Ceramic Exhibition
  Art of the Book: The Book as Art
Conversations in Ceramic  

Art of the Book: The Book as Art

Dawn Mendelson works in a style called pique assiette, a type of mosaic that uses recycled materials. It is named after Frenchman Raymond Isidore, who collected bits and pieces on his way home from work each evening and mosaicked his entire house, inside and out. Although her home is not entirely covered in mosaic, Mendelson embraces and honors discarded shards and reimagines them in a new and fresh vision. She takes inspiration from the pieces themselves by celebrating their rich histories, textures and colors. This exhibit features pieces that highlight the stories these ceramics tell, individually and collectively, from near and far; ancient and just yesterday. Exhibit will be on display through June.
See samples on display.
  This special collection was created to showcase books that are beautifully designed and produced, using both traditional and unusual techniques. The efforts of both student and professional contemporary book artists are included, and the scope is international. Individual works are on display throughout the Library on a rotating basis.
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